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tryna decide album art
tryna decide - JAY II X GOSHFATHER

TRYNA DECIDE is a bouncy grungy pop track dedicated to those trying to decide whether or not to be with someone. It was a collaboration between JAY II and Goshfather. It unites the jazz feels from Jay Phoenix with the glamorous aggressive production style of Goshfather, tied together with Hailey J's sultry singing style.

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Please Don't Let Me - Jay II

Please Don't Let Me is a trap-inspired R&B track with use of string pads and pizzicato. A unique entry to the JAY II discography, it features beautiful sultry vocals by Hailey J and colorful jazz chords that set a vibe mixed with nostalgia and lust.

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Hiatus - Me An Di

Hiatus is the second release by Me An Di. It is a in-your-face future bass inspired pop track featuring the songwriting duo that features an orchestral touch with face-punching synth pads. Mixed by Cole Nystrom, this song uses big drums and sounds to compliment confident and sassy lyrics written by Diana Inez and Jean-Marc Tardieu.

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Give Me Life - PRIMME

This was a remix of Primme's Give Me Life. Primme contracted the creation of this remix to promote his release of his upbeat, glistening pop track that can't help but make you smile. Colorful 7th chords, string orchestration, and a more straight-ahead house feel add a unique perspective on this track.

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