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Datura is a house track inspired by afro-beat with orchestral flavors. It was a collaboration with Brianna Lauren Pomo, who was a co-writer and the vocal performer. This song is named after a species of poisonous flower who blooms at night, much like its protagonist. You can learn more about the song in my video HERE.

Datura - Jay Phoenix



Eclipse is a hip-hop, R&B song with future-bass and orchestral vibes. It features Gritsitory and Villa, who co-wrote the song with Jay Phoenix. It was a project dedicated to integrating classical orchestral scoring with the pop genre and features only one instrumental drop and an accurately-panned orchestra. In other words, you'll hear the violins on the left and the violas on the right (etc.) Listen to my video about Eclipse HERE.

Eclipse - Jay Phoenix
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All At Once is a ballad featuring piano, orchestral, and future-bass elements. It was written by Me an Di and is their artist debut. The duo features Diana Cybulska and Jean-Marc Tardieu, graduates of Berklee College of Music. Read more about our music HERE. Watch my video about All At Once HERE.

All At Once - Me An Di
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Paper birds

Paper Birds - EYA

Paper Birds is an electropop song about . It was written by EYA and Jay Phoenix and came under the mentorship of Cory Rooney and the experience of Eric Erickson. EYA is a talented video producer who aims to entertain her audience with content from her heart. Watch my video about Paper Birds HERE.


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Chiaroscuro is a collection of 4 songs of the synthpop/indiepop genre. It was created by Jay II, a collaboration between Hailey J and Jay Phoenix. Both artists are classically-trained musicians who aim to bring their expertise to the pop genre. Read more about our music HERE. Watch my video about Taking Back My Fire HERE.

Taking Back My Fire - JAY II
Edge of Empty - JAY II
Candid Fantasy - JAY II
Scorpio - JAY II
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